¡Ya Es Tiempo!

¡Ya Es Tiempo! (The Time Is Now) is a documentary about the effects of Covid-19 on the Latino community in the greater Seattle area. The project was comissioned by Centro Cultural Mexicano in Redmond, WA. They asked me to direct this documentary in collaboration with another local photographer and filmmaker, Leo Carmona. The opportunity to engage with these inspiring stories through my cinematic art form and hopefully bring awareness and support to an issue I care deeply about was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.


The project includes interviews with families greatly impacted by the pandemic and the film encourages the audience to think about how obstacles such as the Coronavirus pandemic disproportionately affect our most marginalized populations.

Washington state senator, Manka Dhingr said, “the documentary about the King county Latino community and their experience with Covid greatly highlights the intergenerational impacts of the financial cost and loss of opportunity for the entire community. It is always important to remember that Covid did not impact all of us equally" when asked about the project.