Ultrawave is a multi-media collective that I cofounded with Toby Romero at NYU in 2018. The concept of Ultrawave was to make a multi-platform brand that would focus on creating content about college life, youth in the modern era, and street culture. Through Ultrawave, we created countless documentary style videos, visual art, and designed and released merchandise. Ultrawave also shot and released music videos for underground artists in New York City. 

The coolest aspect of Ultrawave was the team building that occured. Toby and I reached out to creators we liked at New York University and had them join our collective. They helped produce content and run our social media.

One of the main reasons the collective was created was simply out a need to shoot videos that both Toby and I had. Freshman year at NYU is not built to give students a ton of opportunity to shoot and edit that many videos in their classrooms, so we decided to put ourselves in a position to succeed at building our filmmaking craft. Unfortunately, however, the 2019-2020 school year at NYU ended up being a lot of work for Toby and I to manage and by spring, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the U.S. Since then, it's bee too difficult to work on anything related to Ultrawave.

However, Ultrawave's YouTube and Instagram are still live and anyone can enjoy the content we have created until the media collective returns officially. When that will be? Well, we'll just have to "ride the wave" and wait and see.

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