The Ladder

"The Ladder" is a drama, sci-fi short film that takes place in a world where a cutting edge biotechnology company has invented a way for individuals to transplant their brains into synthetically made younger bodies. Essentially, creating the ability for one to start their life again, if they so choose. The story centers on Arthur, an aging Alaskan fisherman who must decide between going forward with the "Fresh Start" procedure, or choosing to live out the rest of his life as an old man.

I originally wrote this short film in 2019 with a goal to produce it in May of 2020 with a virtually zero dollar budget. However, when the Covid-19 pandemic halted film productions worldwide, I had to cancel plans to shoot the project. The script was tabled and I moved on to focusing on other plans (starting a freelance video production company and finishing school).

As 2021 came around and the end of the pandemic seemed to be on the horizon, I decided to try again at producing the project. However, this time my goal would be to make it with a proper budget and after I graduated from NYU. In May of 2021, I launched a Seed&Spark crowdfunding campaign with a goal to raise $15,500 to make the short film. In just 10 days, we raised over $16,000 with contributions coming from around the world. In September of this year, we launched a second round of crowdfunding which brought our total budget raised to over $21,500.

With this budget, I was able to upgrade our gear, fly out my closest friends and girlfriend to work on the movie with me, pay cast and crew, and up the overall production quality of the film. We shot the film in early July and it was a major success. A project I am incredibly proud of and the product of support and love from countless of creatives and amazing community members in Ketchikan, Alaska.

The project was written about in a Ketchikan Daily News article that was eventually picked up by the Associate Press leading to a story about our film being spread across the world in several news outlets.

The film has screened and is currently screening at multiple film festivals including the Wyoming International Film Festival and Anchorage International Film Festival and "The Ladder" won the Critics' Choice Award at the Sci-On Film Festival in Nevada.

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