The Green Room

"The Green Room" is a web series that pulls back the curtain on the making of exciting projects happening at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, WA. The 5th Avenue Theatre is one of America's leading musical theater companies and an organization I've been both a fan of as well as a collaborator with for years."The Green Room" videos are produced, directed, and edited by myself and Maggie Barry (my girlfriend and constant collaborator.)

We were approached by the 5th Avenue Theatre to develop this series in fall of 2020 as they entered an exciting new era of virtual theatre creation where there was a lot uncharted territory but incredible opportunity, as well. Maggie and I thought that creating short form video content that interviewed the creatives involved with developing new musicals as well as those involved with overseeing the logistical recording and creation of the projects as radio plays would be a fascinating subject to cover.

Our first set of three videos covered the making of Half the Sky; an incredible musical about an Asian American woman climbing Mount Everest - a contemporary American musical on a global scale, infused with the sounds of traditional Thai and Himalayan folk music. The work is written by Tidtaya Sinutoke and Isabella Dawis.

Currently, we are creating more "The Green Room" content about another musical: The Lamplighter; a magical musical adventure piece that utilizes a cast of incredibly diverse actors all playing the same protagonist: Rosemary, at different stages of her fantastical journey. The work is written by Sara Porkalob, Justin Huertas, and Kirsten "Kiki" deLohr Helland.